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I should be able to miss targets even faster with a CO gun ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

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Mike HackemeyerNice16 hours ago

Eric ShaverThat is my strategy as well.15 hours ago

Eric ShaverWhere did you get the grips?15 hours ago

J.r. GoddardI can miss just great without a red dot. Nice pistol1   ·  15 hours ago

Merle EdingtonWhat does it weigh with a magazine?13 hours ago

Shawn VadnaisI'm with you JR I don't need a fancy optic to tell me how bad I shoot. 👍😀👍. Sweet gun Jeff. I hope it's at least a major gun.2   ·  13 hours ago

Riich SuzukiIt's a Carry Optics gun. 22 to 23 rds plus 1 of minor 9mm. You have to shoot mostly A's to do well in that Division. The fancy optics helps with that at longer ranges. At the close up stuff you have to know where your POI is compared to POA to get your hits.1   ·  10 hours ago

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If anybody is looking for a TS Orange, there's a new one at Show Me Shooters in Claycomo for $1750. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Somebody just went to the dark side into the PCC world ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Mike Hackemeyerwhat is her name?4   ·  4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersFunny. Not thinking it will b a permanent competition change at all. Just really wanted one. Gotta try it out though4 days ago

Mike HackemeyerNext you will be wearing a romper...5   ·  4 days ago

Mike Hackemeyeryou will have to let me shoot a stage with it1   ·  4 days ago

Merle EdingtonYou have to wear the romper while shooting it....1   ·  4 days ago

Jared FoxOdd way to come out of the closet6   ·  4 days ago

Justin McElroyDark side = open Pink side = PCC6   ·  4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersI expected the worst. Lol. I actually have a theory that says PCC gun wld b an amazing home/personal defense platform. Especially w duty ammo. It's even getting my good aimpoint off the AR. But u know I gotta try it at a few matches!1   ·  4 days ago

Mike HackemeyerThat is how it starts one of your friends try it, it's cool, everybody is doing it. Next thing you know you are standing on a street corner selling your body, looking for a ride to PCC friendly match.7   ·  4 days ago

Jeff Beyer2   ·  4 days ago

Merle EdingtonYep, that's how it starts. You wear a romper on Friday night, have a few drinks, and wake up wanting to compete in PCC7   ·  4 days ago

Cory GallagherNothin but savages 😂😂😂😂2   ·  4 days ago

Riich SuzukiNext, you will start wearing a murse for your spare mags.2   ·  4 days ago

Bob RippyNah, that's just revolver shooters.4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersWell, it's sighted in and it runs, so now I just need the murse and matching romper.4 days ago

Ben DeHaemers3   ·  4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersMade right here in Olathe. Kinda cool.3   ·  4 days ago

Jeff BeyerI'd like to SBR one for steel challenge1   ·  4 days ago

J.r. GoddardDid you buy a 9mm hipoint carbine?4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersSo first time out = Thing just runs, which was first concern and it was just plain fun. New respect for those with high level rifle skills. I have lots of formal training and practice with a pistol, but neither with a rifle and it is certainly a new challenge. Maybe it was just the stages we built tonight, but it just ain't as easy as it would seem. Admittedly, the format just isn't for a rifle, but it will be fun learning some new close quarter skills for as long as it lasts. Very happy with it.1   ·  3 days ago

Bob RippyI ahve been fooling around some with mine, and the longer and harder the targets are the better it is for me at least in practice. I have not used it in a match.3 days ago

Shawn VadnaisNice gun Ben. Very nice.1   ·  3 days ago

Eric Shaver1   ·  3 days ago

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USPSA class update.

There are no Saturdays available in July at BH. Sunday the 16th is available.

Would that work for folks?
... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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J.r. GoddardGood for me4 days ago

Troy ChamberlainDo you have any spots open?1   ·  4 days ago

Rick ByfieldOk by me2   ·  4 days ago

Cory McGinnisThat works for me.1   ·  4 days ago

Jeff BeyerShoot....I'm out of town that day, but I'll catch the class the next time you have it4 days ago

Vandy ThomsenDang, I'm out of town that weekend also. I hate missing the opportunity!4 days ago

Ben DeHaemersGood for me4 days ago

Heath TurnerThat sounds good to me4 days ago

Kelly BrownSounds good to me!1   ·  4 days ago

Diane Schuler JonesYes. Cliff Jones3 days ago

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Will there be a match on the June 30? ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Mike HackemeyerPlanning on it, are actually going to show up???1 week ago

Bob Rippy6/30 wil have a Classifier Match included?5 days ago

Mike Hackemeyeryes1   ·  5 days ago

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I think everyone needs this bed... ... See MoreSee Less

Always Prepared! Not to Mention Plenty of Storage. Dozens of Wood Projects: Download 100 FREE Plans:

2 weeks ago

BBI will be delivering bullets to the free state match in July. Contact Chandler LaFrain to palace your order. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

For comments/feedback.

I am thinking about offering a fundamentals shooting class at the BH on a Saturday (in July, date TBD). Two 3 hour sessions. 1 session from 10-1, the other from 2-5. Limited to 6 people each session. Cost would be $60 per person, I would cover all supplies (targets, pasters, etc., as well as range fees).

Topics covered:
Freestyle shooting platform
transition to strong hand/weak hand
shooting through ports, walls, etc.
follow up shots

If you are interested please comment and we will see if it makes sense to do.

... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Scott FrancisRespectfully, you should charge more for these classes sir.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Ben DeHaemersCount me in. Kirk Remy was just asking me about this on friday too.3 weeks ago

Jason WardDon't live in the area anymore, but the price of admission for what you get is ridiculously low. How often does an opportunity from a national champion come at this price point? My guess would be never, and if I wasn't moving an additional 12 hours away I'd be tempted to go myself.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Randy BelewI'd be interested.3 weeks ago

Samantha BlackI'd be interested.3 weeks ago

Jeff BeyerI'm in3 weeks ago

Eric ShaverI need to go to shooting camp, lol3 weeks ago

Vandy ThomsenI'm in!3 weeks ago

Jason WardFor what it's worth, I'm a Master class open shooter & believe Merle could help me make GM.3 weeks ago

Ben DeHaemersI think you just filled one of the two classes in 15 minutes Merle Edington1   ·  3 weeks ago

Mark KirkbrideScheduling issues aside, I'd be interested.3 weeks ago

J.r. GoddardI'm in as long as I'm not out of town3 weeks ago

Jared FoxClass is well worth it, took one with Merle last year and gained a lot from it1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jason Ward38th out of 340 registered shooters.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jaimi ThomsenIf I'm not out of town that would be a great learning experience1   ·  3 weeks ago

Severiano MataI'm in1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jason WardI'm counting 7 shooters so far that are interested. My question for these shooters is whether they believe they can get a "new to the sport" shooter to accompany them. The reality is this training will take a significant portion of the learning curve away. And by that I mean you have the opportunity to not only introduce a new shooter to the sport, but also accelerate their learning & enjoyment of the sport.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jared FoxMike Peters, James Thomas1   ·  3 weeks ago

Kelly BrownI would love to be in! Preferrably for 10 am.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Riich SuzukiInterested3 weeks ago

Diane Schuler JonesYes. Cliff1   ·  3 weeks ago

Merle EdingtonThank you for all of the responses!!! I will check with the BH and see what the range availability looks like.3 weeks ago

Andrew AldersonCount me in as well1   ·  3 weeks ago

Justin McElroyMerle Edington Since this one is intended for newer shooters, I'm assuming under a year experience, do you have any plans of doing a similar class at the BH for guys that are 1 year plus, or like an advanced basic skills class.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Ray PetrikBest $60 you can spend if you want to learn more.1   ·  3 weeks ago

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Great night shooting we had 20 shooters and only 1 bay to shoot on. Everybody did a great job resetting the stages and scoring, so much so we were able to run 3 stages. Thanks to Ben DeHaemers & Riich Suzuki for doing such a great job getting stages up and ready to go.

Here are the scores from tonight.
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3 weeks ago

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Mike Hackemeyerthere was CZ mag left tonight. it is in the cabinet. Jeff Beyer3 weeks ago

J.r. GoddardSounded awesome. Hopefully I will finish all my work and be able to come out sooner rather than later.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Ben DeHaemersThanks again to Riich Suzuki for helping make the stage work and Jeff Beyer for the early help. Turned out to be a really good night due to everyone's input. Amazed at how much we did in one night.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Eric ShaverThe stages were great!1   ·  3 weeks ago

Vandy ThomsenThe stages were great last night and amazing how a couple of quick tweaks changed the stages for a different run. Great job guys!1   ·  3 weeks ago

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I was recently notified by the Bullet Hole that we will only have use of the South Bay this Friday due to construction on the North Bay. We will still be shooting, however we only have one bay we will be setting up a good field course. Once everybody has shot that stage we will tear most of it down and set up another stage of some sort. We will not be paying for one bay so the cost to shoot will be reduced to $10, maybe less. Ben DeHaemers will set up the first stage but could use some assistance if anybody can get there a little early. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

I have a P320RX with two 17 round mags and 3 21 round mags up for "discussion" if anyone is interested. MAYBE 500 rounds through it. PM me for more info. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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Jared FoxRick Byfield did you find one?4 weeks ago

Rick ByfieldYes i did. X5. Hope to send out to Bruce Gray this week.2   ·  4 weeks ago

Rick ByfieldNow, if i could just use more than my strong hand to use it.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Bob RippyGrandMasters should only be allowed one hand anyway.2   ·  4 weeks ago

Kenneth RickeyYou are just being a woss Rick4 weeks ago

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