Other Local Matches

Below is a listing of other local USPSA matches, within a two hour drive of the Kansas City metro:

Club Name Date / Time Price
(This Web Site!)
Every Friday
Sign-Up: 6pm-6:30pm
$15 Member
$20 Non-Member
$10 Junior
Bone Creek Smoking Aces 1st Sunday
Sign-Up: 9am-10am
$15 Adult
$5 Junior
Mill Creek Practical Shooters 2nd Saturday
Sign-Up:  9am-10am
$15 Member
$25 Non-Member
Lamar Gun Club 2nd and 4th Sundays
Sign-Up: 8am-9am
$15 Adult
Lafayette Rod & Gun Club 3rd Saturday
Sign-Up: 11am-12pm
$10 Adult
Capital City Gun Club 3rd Sunday
Sign-Up: 9am-10am
$15 Member
$20 Non-Member
Pioneer Gun Club (Outdoor) 4th Sunday
Sign-Up: 10am-11am
$15 Adult
Pioneer Gun Club (Indoor) Weekly on Tuesdays
Sign-Up: 5pm-5:30pm
$5 Adult
The Armory (Indoor) Weekly on Tuesdays
Sign-Up: 5pm-6pm
$15 Adult
Green Valley 4th Saturday
Sign-Up: 10am-11am
$10 Member
$15 Non-Member

All ranges are outdoor, unless otherwise specified.

Some clubs have special summer time hours. Please refer to their Web site for the most up-to-date information.