Match Cost

Bullet Hole Practical Shooting Club annual pro-rated membership:
$20 Annual Membership (January-March)
$15 Annual Membership (April-June)
$10 Annual Membership (July-September)
$5 Annual Membership (October-December)

Shooters must provide proof of current Bullet Hole Range membership
(If you join The Bullet Hole the night of the match, you shoot for FREE)

Members Match Fee  – $15 ($20 Non-Members)

We encourage every shooter to join USPSA and the NRA!

All shooters and spectators must sign a Release Form and obtain current membership to The Bullet Hole range ($20 per year).

Example: New shooter in January would expect to pay $40 total for their first match, which includes $20 membership to The Bullet Hole range and $20 membership to the club.  All subsequent matches are then $15 for the remainder of the year.

You may also choose to not join the BHPSC club.  However, all subsequent match fees will be $20, instead of $15.


  • We shoot two stages every Friday night
  • We shoot a USPSA Classifier on the last Friday of the month
  • Stage setup starts At 5:00pm; Those that design and setup a stage, shoot for free!
  • Shooter sign-up is between 6:00-6:30pm
  • Shooters meeting starts at approximately 6:30pm and shooting begins shortly after
  • All shooting stops at 8:45pm sharp!
  • Shoot as many times as you can, as time allows
  • First gun shooters have range priority

For those competitors who carry, you may use the range upstairs to unload.

No firearms may be handled outside of the Safety Area.
No ammo may be handled inside of the Safety Area.